About St Mary’s

Sanctuary Lamp
Sanctuary Lamp

Welcome to St Mary's, a parish church grounded in the rich heritage of Catholic worship in the Church of England. The liturgy and worship at St Mary's beautifully combines Gregorian chant, Renaissance, Viennese and contemporary sacred music with the majestic language of the Book of Common Prayer.  

The ceremonial is rich and traditional.  High Mass on Sundays is the highlight of the week for all who attend. The church has been beautified by successive generations and remains strangely simple and peaceful…despite the gentle rumble of the trains underneath.


Lord Halifax, churchwarden at the time, involved the parish in the Malines Conversations (1921-25) which began ecumenical dialogue between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. St Mary's remains a significant focus of prayer for the unity of the Church.

Affiliation and Identity Today

St Mary’s is a place of hospitality and welcome.  We have always been open to all, irrespective of any stance on a particular aspect of church life or politics. As a church we remain outside Affirming Catholicism, Forward in Faith and Anglican Catholic Future.