Audio recordings

St Mary's has an audio induction loop which provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by hearing aids when set to the 'T' (Telecoil) setting.

As well as being convenient for members of the congregation, the system enables us to provide recordings of key moments from the Mass for those who were unable to experience them in person. We hope you enjoy them here.

4 August 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"I've always eschewed social media, happy to leave it and all its attractions to other personality types and other generations..."


30 June 2019
Sermon: The Very Reverend Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark
"If we were at the opera, this would be the intermezzo: a brief resumé of what has happened, and a taste of what is going to come..."


20 June 2019
Sermon: Father Bill Scott
"Oh precious and wonderful banquet, that brings us salvation and contains all sweetness - could anything be of more intrinsic value..."


16 June 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Norwood
"Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice - on the heights, beside the way, at the crossroads she takes her stand..."


26 May 2019
Sermon: Father Victor Stock
"Such is the exuberance of Eastertide, the Roman Catholic and Anglican (and, I am sure, everybody else who has one) lectionaries provide a number of possible Gospels for today..."


19 May 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Norwood
"These verses, from St John's Gospel we've just heard, come at the turning point of the Last Supper. Judas has just left the room, and there is now no going back..."


12 May 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"I suppose I could begin today by saying 'Happy Hanukkah', for though this Jewish festival falls in the winter months, it is the occasion in the temple during which Jesus proclaims today's particular Gospel passage..."


5 May 2019
Sermon: The Very Reverend Mark Bonney, Dean of Ely
"I hope that you all have sight of the painting that is on the back of the Sunday leaflet..."


28 April 2019
Sermon: Father Stuart Leamy
"On the fifth of May in the year 2000, St John Paul II proclaimed that this Sunday in the Octave of Easter should be known also as Divine Mercy Sunday..."


21 April 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"If you type the word 'paradise' into Google Images, invariably what seems to be presented are pictures of white sandy beaches, clearlessly blue sky and sea, palm trees - one or in a group - and, very occasionally, an improbably situated pina colada to one side..."


7 April 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"This Hebrew word 'זכר' is often translated in English by the word 'remember', but there is in fact much more to it than that..."


31 March 2019 (Laetare)
Sermon: Father Bill Scott
"So here we are again, in the pink. I think I must be getting very old because it seemed only yesterday when we were in the pink in the middle of Advent..."


25 March 2019 (Annunciation)
Sermon: The Reverend Prebendary Patrick Tuft
"Today is the beginning of our salvation, and the revelation of the eternal mystery. The Son of God becomes the Son of the Virgin..."


24 March 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Norwood
"You may be interested to know that the Greek word used here for "manure" is "κοπρία", a word that occurs only twice in the New Testament..."


17 March 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"Against the backdrop of a perfectly clear night sky, the character played by Paul Henreid asks of Charlotte Vale, played by Bette Davis, 'And will you be happy...?'."


10 March 2019
Sermon: The Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans
"You might think the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness don't have much to do with us..."


6 March 2019 (Ash Wednesday)
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"I'm rather hoping that my funeral will take place in December – though, perhaps I should quickly add, not this year, I hope..."


3 March 2019
Sermon: Father Andrew Walker
"I can't remember who it was who said of Christopher Plummer, the rather outspoken actor who, of course, played Captain von Trapp in 'The Sound of Music'..."